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Mike, I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for all of your years of service to Portico Systems. I understand that CBA is losing Portico as a client since we were recently sold to McKesson, but I won't hesitate to recommend you and your team to any company if the opportunity ever presents itself. You and the entire CBA team have been an instrumental part of our organization over the years in deploying and managing just about every aspect of our employee benefit programs. Looking back, you consistently saved us money while keeping our benefits programs "top-shelf" for our employees, which is no easy feat in this challenging healthcare environment. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future and thank you for always putting our best interests first.

Ned Moore, Chairman, CEO Portico Systems now (McKesson)

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"I want to thank you very much (on behalf of Alex and myself) for all the time and effort you put into assisting with the ongoing Insurance claim for Alex (involving Aetna). Alex is an employee at Online Resources in Princeton, NJ.

As the Director of Health and Wellness at another company, I am well aware of the time, phone calls, follow up, etc needed when issues such as this come up. I have also (in my career) worked with other Brokers and I must say the diligence, professionalism, and follow-through on your part were amazing and very much appreciated! "

Illissa and Alex G

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"Absolutely NO trouble using our new benefit plans…and the benefits were terrific! In addition, I just saved just shy of $400 using the new Vision plan... and then I bought a 2nd pair, and turns out there is additional coverage available under our medical plan as suggested by our benefits brokers during the open enrollment meeting. I saved $75 on the 2nd pair.

Seems like our benefits package under the 'new' firm, Corporate Benefits Alliance, is showing real dividends!!!!"

Craig - Employee

Anexinet Corporation

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"I just wanted to let you know that CBA really came through for me when I needed help getting a pre-certification for my CT Scan in Texas. My case was especially difficult for Care Core national (Aetna’s pre-cert division) to figure out what to do. Over the course of several weeks I spent at least 30+ hours on the phone with Care Core , Aetna and the hospital in a maze of administrative confusion and bad customer service. The CT Scans were to make sure the cancer, for which I had surgery in February, had not come back. There was no argument over the medical necessity of the CT Scans; it was just “red-tape” and confusion. By the time I had reached out to our Broker, CBA, I had reached the end of my rope and had already decided to put the $6,000+ cost of the scans on my credit card as not to be denied the necessary tests. Once contacted, CBA had the full problem resolved within 24 hours. They stepped up and gave me a level of support that I have honestly never experienced before. In particular, Michael Bass was reassuring, proactive and fast. Because of his efforts, I could focus on my health and stop fighting. Thankfully, the tests went well. I just got the bill from the hospital and everything is in order. I am truly grateful for his efforts."

Susan - Employee
Online Resources Corporation

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"We just received word from Capital Blue Cross that the Emergency Room claim for Stephanie has been re-evaluated and approved by the medical director. It clearly paid to get CBA involved as we were getting nowhere on this enormous claim. Greatly appreciate your help and prompt service!"

Melissa - Human Resources Coordinator
Commonwealth Fire Protection Company

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"I knew it was unwise to make assumptions! Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my questions. Michael and Rick as usual gave a wonderfully clear and concise presentation this morning and I have to say, the online employee benefits portal CBA deployed for us is terrific!! I have never participated in Arlington Capital’s benefits until now and you guys are making it so easy. Thanks and have a great day!"

Lynne - Network Administrator
Arlington Capital Mortgage Corporation

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"I just wanted to personally thank you for all of your hard work that went into making our 1st annual Wellness Day a HUGE success!! Everyone loved the Dietician; they found her very informative and really learned a great deal.

Your effort in coordinating the various vendors was fantastic and took a great deal of work off of my plate."

Elaine - Human Resources Coordinator
Pointroll, Inc.

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"In hindsight, we are happy you didn’t take “we’re all set” as our final answer when you initially inquired about handling our company’s employee benefit plans.

As you know, at the time we were very happy with the long-standing relationship with our employee benefits brokerage firm. However, business is business, and as such we did thankfully entertain your Firm’s value proposition.

As our broker, the multitude of administrative services your firm provides to MBC has been invaluable. (Let alone the fact that you provide these services at no cost.) Of all the services CBA provides MBC, the online employee benefits administrative tool has been one of the most valued aspects of your firm’s commitment to our business."

Len - Chief Financial Officer
Medical Broadcasting Company

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"As CEO of a growing, Philadelphia-based company, it is a pleasure to write this brief thank you. Having owned several companies over the years, I have interviewed and dealt with many different employee benefits brokers and firms.

I am writing to let you know that you have truly done an excellent job in setting yourselves, and your company, apart from your competitors. Your professional understanding of our company’s needs and your ability to deliver what you promised has been greatly appreciated. The services your firm has deployed for Portico Systems has not only saved us a great deal of money, but has streamlined our internal employee benefit plan processes for our employees and our Human Resources team.

Furthermore, the 401(k) plan your sister company, Wealth Advisory Group, implemented has been outstanding as well. Equally as important to The Plans performance has been your one-on-one financial counseling with our team, including myself. Please let me know if you ever require a reference for your Firm’s services. I will be happy to put my name on an endorsement anytime."

Edmund - Chief Executive Officer
Portico Systems, Inc.

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"It is not often I find myself writing a letter of thanks to our service vendors. That said, you and your team at Corporate Benefits Alliance have proven to be an invaluable resource to our company throughout our corporate merger and beyond.

Your attention to detail and service are second to none and do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. While our company searched for a new Human Resource director, CBA truly helped offset much of the day-to-day administrative minutia by handling most of the Arlington employee benefits service issues. We now look forward to utilizing the full capabilities of the employee benefits Online System you have implemented for our company."

Phillip - Chief Executive Officer
Arlington Capital Mortgage Company

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We have had the pleasure of working with CBA's HR support when we needed an outside firm to provide some mandatory presentations for our management team. We were very impressed with CBA's quality of service and professionalism. This is why CBA continues to be viewed as a true and valued partner with Anexinet.

Kristen Kresswell -Human Resource Manager

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