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We never stop working to earn your business, long after we’ve had the privilege of acquiring it.
CBA always operates independent of any third-party interests or ownership which allows us to work hard to protect your interests, without conflict. CBA is a member of a very selective national coalition of brokerage consultancies, known as Benefit Advisors Network (BAN).

Our Four Core Values, Woven Into Everything We Do





Chief Executive Officer Michael Bass sat down at the Legendary Leadership conference to discuss what drives our core values.

Dedicated to Enduring Relationships

Results matter, but relationships matter too. We build trust by working tirelessly to ensure your peace of mind and financial success, so you can focus what matters most.
Read one of our case studies to learn first hand how CBA puts its clients first.

Dedicated to Enduring Relationships

Rockville, MD – Our client is a family-owned and operated business with 2,000+ employees in virtually every state and many overseas. We were awarded their business in 2006 and have maintained a very close working relationship with their ownership, finance and HR teams ever since. We’ve built TRUST and we continue to deliver strong results because this is how we are wired. As our tag line states, we never stop working to earn your business, long after we’ve had the privilege of acquiring it.  Using sophisticated self-funded carve-out strategies and forward-looking claims analytics, our most recent renewal for this client delivered a -19.95% cost reduction YOY.

You’re welcome to speak with this client to gain a better understanding of our dedication to enduring client relationships.

Always Placing the Client’s Interests First

CBA works on a fee-for-service basis for you and only you and therefore our comp is not tied to your premiums wherever possible. This removes conflicts of interest and provides total transparency with no hidden costs. As your advocate, we eliminate the traditional commission structure, thereby delivering lower costs to you and ultimately to your employees.

Always Placing the Client’s Interests First

Bridgewater, NJ – Our client is now a publicly-traded company with 500+ employees that began as two separate privately-owned companies. CBA was awarded their business in 2016 after an extensive RFP process. Upon merging their two companies, both of which were fully-insured, we created a three-year strategy to self-funding all aspects of their plans including an Rx carve-out. We’ve executed the strategy flawlessly and saved significant money along the way. In addition, as is our practice, we removed all forms of commissions and moved to a fee-based arrangement to remove all conflicts of interest as it pertains to our compensation.

You’re welcome to speak with this client to gain a better understanding of how we truly place our client’s interests first.  

Obsessive About Client Service

Every firm claims to have great service, but it is through our obsessive service that our clients become our biggest fans. (Please ask to speak with them.) You’re welcome to read our Stewardship Document so you can see the cost-benefit analysis and judge for yourself whether we will exceed your expectations.

Obsessive About Client Service

King of Prussia, PA – Our client is a consulting firm with 25+ employees and was frustrated because their previous broker had been delivering poor service. The smaller employer size of this client is important, because it highlights that CBA works as hard for our 25 person companies as we do our 2,000 employee clients. That said, obsessive client service can truly only be validated by a client, not us. Our service commitment can best be summed up by a recent email received from this client’s Operations Manager. (This is an actual email sent from CBA’s CEO, Michael Bass, to the client’s CEO and Operations Manager and her subsequent response.)

You’re welcome to speak with this client to gain a better understanding of our obsessive client service.

MICHAEL BASS: Hello Marcia and Jill, I wanted to touch base to be sure the employee meeting went well yesterday. I’m sorry I missed it and I look forward to meeting your entire team in a few weeks. Please let me know if you think there’s anything we can improve upon. Thanks – Michael

JILL’S RESPONSE: Hello Michael! Thank you very much for checking in! The meeting went very well, and several of our employees made it a point to let me know how impressed they were with everything! Thank you and your team for an incredible experience from the beginning! Best Regards – Jill

Committed to Positive Outcomes

Positive outcomes can be measured in many ways and we invite our clients to hold us accountable to measuring our deliverables. In fact, we will help you hold us accountable, by preparing a Stewardship Report. In short, we deliver positive outcomes to each of our client companies in addition to their employees. Please watch the below video interview of CBA’s CEO, Michael Bass, speaking to this point at a recent leadership conference.

Committed to Positive Outcomes

Malvern, PA – Our client is a privately-owned company with 180+ employees. Before hiring CBA, they were using the brokerage services of a large national firm who had them in a multi-employer healthcare buying consortium. When appropriate, CBA also uses multi-employer consortiums to gain leveraged buying power in healthcare. However, this client was having a terrible financial experience due to many high claimants. As a result, the company and its employees were facing much higher costs in terms of higher deductibles, coinsurance and employee contributions.

CBA was brought in, completed an independent actuarial claims study, and determined a course of action for this company that would save -20% in YOY healthcare costs while not having to increase deductibles, coinsurance or employee contributions. Upon being awarded their business, we went to work and 10 months later delivered a renewal of -21,87% the very first year. The CEO in turn, lowered employee payroll costs and contributed more money to the employees’ HSA accounts. These are real results that impacted the company and people’s lives in a positive and meaningful way.

You’re welcome to speak with this client to gain a better understanding of our deep commitment to positive outcomes.

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