We’re With You Every Step Of The Way

CBA will institute strategic and tactical plans that will positively reduce your healthcare costs and deliver much more.

Fiscal Guidance

What’s truly driving your company’s healthcare costs? How about 70% of your claims dollars being incurred by 30% of your members. It’s also very expensive, and ever-escalating, Prescription Drug costs. Let us show you through an actuarial claims study and share multiple strategies you can immediately use to significantly impact those cost drivers.

Are you fully insured?

Let our team run a no-cost actuarial study to mathematically determine if self-funding will save you money and give you more control over coverage and cost.

Using your Rx claims data, we will RFP five or more Pharmacy Benefits Manager’s (PBM) to identify the greatest rebate savings and lowest formulary disruption for your company.

Are you already self-funded?

Have you evaluated alternative funding measures?

Let us help you reduce costs without sacrificing benefit plan designs.

Contact us to learn about these healthcare funding strategies and more:

  • Fully Insured
  • Private Exchanges
  • Self-Funded (Level Funded)
  • Self-Funded (Consortiums)
  • Self-Funded Carrier (ASO)
  • Referenced-Based Pricing
  • Self-Funded with TPA


Your risk is our concern. We help keep you and your business compliant, taking the risk out of the modern healthcare landscape for business owners, large and small.




Your CBA compliance team consists of attorneys, analysts and specialists working together to help our client companies stay in compliance with the ultra-fluid rules and regulations pertaining to their benefit plans. We can assist with creating your plan documents, educating you on the latest requirements, and quickly answer your general compliance questions.

ACA Compliance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be confusing. That’s CBA employs simple, yet powerful, technology to make ACA compliance easier for our employer clients. This technology, coupled with our consultative guidance from super-knowledgeable people, is what will make your job easier.

We welcome the opportunity to Demo our ACA Compliance System – CBA Navigator.

ERISA Compliance

CBA’s ERISA compliance services and documents are provided in a turn-key fashion for your health & welfare benefit plans. It is critical employers comply with ERISA and we know the right questions to ask, what documents you need, and exactly how to prepare them to fit your company’s needs.

In addition, if needed, we have ERISA Attorneys on hand to get your legal questions answered. Our goal is to be certain our answers and documents are correct and based in legal fact, not to supplant your own legal counsel or provide legal advice.

Privacy Compliance

The legal bar for Plan Sponsors is very high and the civil and/or criminal penalties for noncompliance are very significant. Ignorance is not an acceptable defense and so we will audit your current practices and policies to identify any gaps that may need to be addressed.

Through your CBA team, you can tap into the wealth of knowledge from experienced ERISA lawyers and privacy compliance experts. Protecting your employees PII / PHI and HIPAA data is a legal mandate, not a luxury. Let us help you get your documents and processes in order.

Get in touch now to find out how we can help you.

CBA is a member of a national coalition of brokerage consultancies, known as Benefit Advisors Network (BAN).

BAN is a very selective national network of one hundred (100) like-minded firms. It is truly the premier national, credentialed network of independent employee benefits consulting firms and its member-firms are among the most progressive employee benefits specialists in the United States. CBA’s membership in BAN enhances our ability to deliver additional industry-leading services in the areas of: technology, underwriting, stop/loss, legal & compliance, actuarial services, data analytics, captives and more.