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Actuarial & Reinsurance Department

At CBA, we provide realistic and creative solutions to help business owners prepare for and understand risks and their forecasted impact.

Our Services Help You:

  • Proactively analyze the risk/reward trade-offs in stop loss structures
  • Provide a fully insured employer ample information to evaluate the move to self-funded
  • Give detailed modeling of health plan design
  • Graphically show the impact of changes


We save employers valuable time and money by analyzing their risk and designing, implementing, and managing alternative market insurance solutions that fit their needs.

Our Services Help You:

  • Minimize employers’ insurance costs and improve cash flow
  • Offer a different approach to healthcare benefits
  • Help employers looking for control, transparency, and cost savings


We use a time-tested and financially-proven approach to enhance the foundation of your employee benefits plan, giving you a long-term benefit strategy in partnership with best-in-class companies.

Our Services Help You:

  • Increase member satisfaction to drive greater engagement
  • Dramatically improve plan utilization and positively impact your bottom line medical spend
  • Using proprietary “Fortune 100” technology, lower immediate cost and forecast future trends to develop a long-term benefits strategy

Compliance & Legal

We counsel business owners and HR directors on new healthcare legislation and other various laws and regulations including ACA, ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, and the Internal Revenue Code.

Our Services Help You:

  • Maintain ACA compliance and filings with our turnkey CBA Navigator system
  • Tap into a wealth of knowledge from experienced ERISA lawyers located across the country
  • Obtain SHRM, HRCI, and CEBS CE credits with our monthly webinars on Benefits & HR topics
  • Receive updates as changes occur on National Healthcare Reform and other legislation

ACA Compliance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be confusing. That’s CBA employs simple, yet powerful, technology to make ACA compliance easier for our employer clients. This technology, coupled with our consultative guidance from super-knowledgeable people, is what will make your job easier.

We welcome the opportunity to Demo our ACA Compliance System – CBA Navigator.

ERISA Compliance

CBA’s ERISA compliance services and documents are provided in a turn-key fashion for your health & welfare benefit plans. It is critical employers comply with ERISA and we know the right questions to ask, what documents you need, and exactly how to prepare them to fit your company’s needs.

In addition, if needed, we have ERISA Attorneys on hand to get your legal questions answered. Our goal is to be certain our answers and documents are correct and based in legal fact, not to supplant your own legal counsel or provide legal advice.

Privacy Compliance

The legal bar for Plan Sponsors is very high and the civil and/or criminal penalties for noncompliance are very significant. Ignorance is not an acceptable defense and so we will audit your current practices and policies to identify any gaps that may need to be addressed.

Through your CBA team, you can tap into the wealth of knowledge from experienced ERISA lawyers and privacy compliance experts. Protecting your employees PII / PHI and HIPAA data is a legal mandate, not a luxury. Let us help you get your documents and processes in order.

Data Analytics & Benchmarking

We combine clinical, financial, and predictive analyses with innovative technologies and expert data management services to help employers solve even the most complex business problems.

Our Services Help You:

  • Define key medical and pharmacy cost drivers
  • Identify emerging high-risk populations and individuals in need of health management services
  • Analyze trends and identify areas for benefit design adjustments
  • Access detailed, high-level cost and quality metrics reports

Human Resources Administration & Benefit Technology

We help you utilize technology to restructure employee data and workflow processes.

Our Services Help You:

  • Increase employee productivity and retention
  • Remain current on compliance requirements
  • Automate processes to free up staff
  • Gain access to ongoing training and management solutions
  • Save on administrative costs

International Benefits Consulting

Many of our clients have offices abroad or executives traveling across the globe, so we understand the importance of extending your coverage.

Our Services Help You:

  • International Benefits audit
  • Benefits establishment
  • Ongoing International Benefits support
  • Multinational pooling / insurance consolidation

Marketing & Communications

Our Marketing & Communications team helps you communicate and educate so your employees can continue to live well and be well.

Our Services Help You:

  • Design, develop, and execute an electronic and hardcopy communications program
  • Create marketing materials to support your communications strategy
  • Inform employees of healthcare options in a professional, creative, and engaging way


We equip employers with the knowledge they need to manage their prescription plan expenses and benefit offerings through analytical reporting and expert clinical consulting services.

Our Services Help You:

  • Achieve significant savings on annual prescription costs via Rebates
  • Assist with negotiating the terms of PBM agreements
  • Enable convenient access to prescriptions at affordable prices
  • Recommend ways to improve prescription benefit plans

Human Capital Management

We implement Human Capital Management (HCM) methods to help employers develop high performing teams while avoiding costs associated with avoidable fines, penalties, and lawsuits.

Our Services Help You:

  • Avoid penalties, fines, and lawsuits
  • Attract top talent
  • Retain and motivate a world-class team
  • Engage employees for profit enhancement
  • Reduce operating costs with more effective people and strategies

Wellness & Population Health Management

We design and implement affordable and effective wellness and health management programs so your employees can live well and be well.

Our Services Help You:

  • Build strategies to improve overall wellness, leading to increased productivity
  • Oversee the management of company-wide related activities
  • Recommend ways to motivate employees and grow participation
  • Access top-notch programs


ThinkHR combines the best in live advisor expertise with innovative technology and comprehensive and instructional content to help organizations address all potential people risks, including guidance on preparing for and managing those risks.


Retirement Plans

CBA’s sister company, Wealth Advisory Group, is a premier Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm serving businesses, individuals & families. For more information on the services offered by WAG, please click here.

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CBA is a member of a national coalition of brokerage consultancies, known as Benefit Advisors Network (BAN).

BAN is a very selective national network of one hundred (100) like-minded firms. It is truly the premier national, credentialed network of independent employee benefits consulting firms and its member-firms are among the most progressive employee benefits specialists in the United States. CBA’s membership in BAN enhances our ability to deliver additional industry-leading services in the areas of: technology, underwriting, stop/loss, legal & compliance, actuarial services, data analytics, captives and more.