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At CBA, we bring the best of both worlds: the technology to simplify your life and real people who walk alongside you to guide, advise, and manage the process for you and your employees.

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Carrier & Payroll

HR & Benefits



Online Enrollment

Our CBA Navigator system is cutting edge, cloud-based, benefits administration system that makes it easier for you to attract and retain great talent by offering an extensive benefits package with way less work. Our onboarding tool also makes it easy for HR to get new hires up and running without endless amounts of paperwork.

Includes: Open Enrollment, New Hire Enrollment, Rules Engine, Life Event Wizards, EOI Management, Beneficiary Tracking, Decision Support, Total Compensation Statements, and much more…

HRIS System

Our CBA Navigator platform centralizes your HR records online and syncs your employee data across multiple systems — including Payroll, Benefits, and Time Off.

Includes: Employee Notes, Salary History, Emergency Contacts, Education History, Dependent Management, HR Resource Library, Employee Imports, HR Policy Acknowledgement, Task Triggers, New Hire Onboarding, Asset Tracking, Time Off Tracking, and much more…

ACA Compliance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be confusing. That’s why we’ve built a set of simple, yet powerful, tools to make ACA compliance easier for everyone (2.5+ million ACA 1095’s filed & 250,000+ integrated COBRA participants).

Includes: Eligibility Tracking for Hourly Employees, Reporting, Variable Hour Management, 1095(c) & 1094(c) reporting, ALE calculators, Affordability Calculators, Full Pre-Transmission Audit.

Carrier & Payroll Reporting

Enjoy seamless integrations with your favorite payroll providers. Simply spend less time on administrative work and more time building a great business.

Includes: Eliminates Redundant Data Entry, Improved Data Accuracy, Reduces Enrollments Errors, Provides Real-Time Census.

HR & Benefits Communications

Our CBA Navigator system’s onboarding tool makes it easy for HR to get new hires up and running without endless amounts of paperwork. Our PTO tool also allows you to request, review and approve PTO without breaking a sweat.

Includes: Streamline all HR communications, Open Enrollment, Employee Handbook and I-9 Form Acknowledgement, Employees can request time off, view all company related documents, notify HR of life event changes and much more…

Mobile “HR In-Hand” Enabled

We’ve made it simple for employees to enroll and access their benefits and HR resources online from their smartphone or mobile device.

Includes: Enabled for full Mobile Benefits Enrollment, View Compliance Documents, Request PTO from their Phone, View all Company Contacts, View their Benefit Details and much more…


ThinkHR combines the best in live advisor expertise with innovative technology and comprehensive and instructional content to help organizations address all potential people risks, including guidance on preparing for and managing those risks.


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CBA is a member of a national coalition of brokerage consultancies, known as Benefit Advisors Network (BAN).

BAN is a very selective national network of one hundred (100) like-minded firms. It is truly the premier national, credentialed network of independent employee benefits consulting firms and its member-firms are among the most progressive employee benefits specialists in the United States. CBA’s membership in BAN enhances our ability to deliver additional industry-leading services in the areas of: technology, underwriting, stop/loss, legal & compliance, actuarial services, data analytics, captives and more.